it is actually really sweet when someone stays up late to talk to you

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aint been on here in a while

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this website

people all over the world use it

you are showing these people the thoughts members of your demographic have

this is all some of them will see

think about that for a minute

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Am I wrong for being pissed about a nigga allll on my girl messages telling her he wanna fuck her and that he likes her? And she doesn’t try to be like “nah sonn”
Am I wrong for being hurt and pissed???

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Kids don’t have swagless phases anymore… It’s from Osh Kosh straight to Urban Outfitters now.

i had probably seven alone

Swagless phases build character. These kids are missing out.

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Instead of saying motherfucker you can just say Oedipus

Half of our generation wouldn’t even understand that

yes you are right the thousands of notes on this post prove how ignorant our generation is. only you are intelligent. you are the chosen one.

only real Ancient Greek kids would understand

reblog if ur a tru 650BC kid

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when the boys pull your hair and push you to the ground
during recess
I promise not to tell you that it’s because they like you.
when the teachers call home to tell me that
you pushed them to the ground in return
I’ll take you out of school early and buy
you your favorite ice cream.
when you get older and the boys
try to touch you when you don’t want to be touched
I’ll look at you like the sun when you come home
with anger in your fists.
they all tell you not to fight fire with fire
but that is only because they are afraid of your flames.
when the boys yell after you like hyenas
you yell back, baby.
I will not teach you to be afraid of your anger
so that you look for it in others.
I will not make you be the better person
because you already are.
you wanna fight ‘em? fight ‘em.
don’t you dare apologize for the fierce love
you have for yourself
and the lengths you go to preserve it.
when the boys try to tell you to soften up
I hope you make them bleed with your edges.
I hope you remember that you are not theirs
that their disappointment in you is not yours.
when the boys come to your door with pretty words and
angry eyes
I hope you show them the anger in yours.
I hope you show them just how strong your mommy
thinks you are.
I hope you show them the animal they can’t always
see in their own reflection.
when the boys come with the intention of hurting you
my advice will always stay the same, my darling:
give ‘em hell.

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swear to god, if i ever have a daughter, i will tell her these exact words.

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